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Ultimate sanding kit

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Our ultimate sanding kit will provide you with 2 of every abrasive all the way through to 2000 grit . 

The kit includes 2 of each grit in  3m hookit blue discs from 80-400 grit and then SIA abrasives from 500-2000 

The final 3 grits being 3000-5000 and 8000 grits you are provided with 1 trizact disc . 

our methods can be seen in our timber and resin workshop or online workshop . But as a basic rule do not skip grits . 
dry sanding from 80-400 and wet sanding from 500 through to 8000 


the hookit 3m blue discs will last numerous boards or tables or whatever it is you are sanding , the SIA abrasives are less durable and generally you can get 1 coffee table out of each pad . 

the trizact discs are a high end abrasive that will last numerous boards and tables in one pad . 

Our kits provide you will every abrasive and disc needed for the sanding process before you get to the polishing process .