Art Workshops



      We have re-opened our workshops in-line with government advice

      Welcome to our art workshops where we not only help you gain a new skill but we have a big focus on mental health education , Dayne himself runs the workshops and shares his story with all the guests in great depth from his addictions to his constant mental health struggles , we have a focus at health of mind art around connection and everyone feeling safe in sharing there stories because what we know is everyone has a story to tell and giving people that voice is so very important . This is a key component to the workshops however if guests are not comfortable in sharing there story then that is completely fine . Our art workshops run you through the extensive process around paint or resin depending which workshop you choose , the workshops run for around 2 hours and can be booked in advance for the dates offered or there is also the option of buying a workshop voucher that gives the ability for someone to buy as a gift for someone else to attend at the convenience . We look forward to creating an experience for you soon

      7 products

      7 products