Epoxy Starter kits

      81 products

      81 products

      Ever wanted to learn how to use epoxy resin and want to do it from the comfort of your very own home or workshop ? We have put together the following kits so you can literally do all of under full guidance , our registered online art school provides you with over 60 minutes of educational content to have you on the way to building you first ever board with timber and epoxy. 

      This kit contains everything required to create your very first epoxy resin board , with a 1 hour step by step tutorial on how to prep , and pour your first epoxy board .

      Valued at $495 individual retail get all of this kit for just $359.99 the kit includes 

      - 1.5 litres of River Cast resin 

      -Access to 1 hour of tutorials of our timber and resin online school valued at 60 dollars 

      -430x330x70 tap out mould 

      -timber varieties available  


      -helix 1 gallon mixer 

      - powder pack 10x10 

      -2 litre mixing cup

      -Complete data guide on how to use river cast 


      Once purchase is made please allow 2 business days for us to pack and send this order as well as giving you access to our timber and resin online school


      Please note,  to complete this board you will need a sander and a saw to cut your board to size . 

      Finishes and polish can be purchased separately if you wish 

      Please note that your  timber needs to be weighed or clamped down before pouring epoxy , a good trick is to fill your empty epoxy bottles with water and use them for weights to weight the timber down . 

      1.5 litres is a rough guide you may require more . We have tried estimating correctly but on occasions it may be to much or not enough