What is epoxy resin?

For generations, many in the construction and manufacturing fields have been looking for substances that can be used to help bond materials together. While nails and screws can work in some instances, a permanent solution that does not scar or create holes is also important. This is why various forms of epoxy resin have become popular.

The great thing about this chemical compound is that it works as an adhesive for just about any circumstance a person may need. This includes in the art world, where epoxy resin is used in arts supplies and crafts. It truly has become a very popular adhesive.


So, What Is Epoxy Resin?

If you do not know much about epoxy resin, it is a compound that can be used in a multitude of ways. This compound is created by combining to other compounds that are specifically matched to each other so that they become hardened once they are mixed. The chemical reaction begins a process where the two chemicals hardened together, creating a permanent or even a temporary bond, depending upon what type of compounds are used.

How this works is very interesting. As the chemicals react with one another, they begin to release heat, creating what is referred to as an exothermic reaction. The heat helps to harden the two substances so that they bond together while also creating a firm hold.

There are several different types of epoxy resins, with each providing its own set of properties. This allows manufacturers and other professionals to use these compounds in a multitude of ways, as there is an epoxy resin that is ideal for whatever they may be looking to do.


Epoxy Resin is Great for Art



Amazingly, epoxy resins are used to help bond the wings to the side of airplanes. They can handle a great deal of force and pressure, keeping the wings firmly in place through extreme temperature changes and speeds.

While construction and manufacturing were primary uses for these compounds originally, many have found fantastic uses for them in the art world as well. These resins can be purchased in large quantities or in small containers, allowing the artist to create work where they use as little or as much resin as needed.

The array of applications in the art world is truly impressive. Not only are epoxy resins used to bond two parts of the art piece together, but they have uses far beyond adhesion. Epoxy resin can be used as the base for paints, and is used beyond art, helping to provide the colour for washers, dryers, stoves, and other similar types of goods. These resins are used in a wide range of commercial settings, because they are easy to clean and hold the colour well.

Coatings and sealants are another reason why you would find epoxy resins used. Because they fill gaps easily, they prevent erosion and corrosion from occurring. Plus, resins can prevent rust, which is a primary reason why they are used on the exterior of paint cans, metal containers, even in food containers. Acids are not able to penetrate the resin, protecting the container from corroding.

Plus, epoxy resin is great for repairs. Because of its adhesive properties, it is easily able to bond two items together. Because paint colours can be added, it can be used in a multitude of ways.

Epoxy resins are a great invention for sure. They have helped many industries and are becoming increasingly more popular in the art world.