HOMart loyalty coins program

Did you know that every purchase you make you are earning loyalty coins ? Here at HOMart we want to reward our customers for shopping with us so we have created a loyalty program like no other , here’s how it works . 

Every dollar spent on our website you will earn points , you will receive notification of points earnt once purchase is made , the only way then to be able to redeem your rewards is by creating an account where you will be able to access so many awesome rewards we have to offer . 

Redeeming points is easy once an account is created , check your emails after purchases for loyalty coins confirmation , in these emails you will have a section where you can redeem these points and turn them into either free shipping on purchases , free products and huge dollar savings. We have a stack of things to give away and you can start redeeming as early as 100 loyalty coins earnt . Obviously the more points you have the better the prizes will be . We have prizes all the way up to 8000 loyalty coins so get collecting and purchasing now .  

Please try and use the same email across you purchases . 

for further info please call or contact us via our contact us section on our website . 

we appreciate your loyalty