Pearl Powder pigments

      77 products

      77 products

      Our pearlescent powders are the highest grade of mica powder available and are super effective for large epoxy pours like river tables or epoxy boards etc . The main differences between paste pigments and pearl pigments is there optical effects , pastes fully dissolve into epoxy being epoxy based giving artwork specifically a bolder look where as powders which are predominately used in river table pour or any larger volumed epoxy pour as when poured at larger depths you ill not be able to notice any difference due to the density of the pour , over thinner pours you will notice a powder doesn't fully dissolve into epoxy leaving a more granular effect , we recommend pastes for coatings or artwork and powders for larger volumed epoxy pours or any fluid art pours however it comes down to the desired look you are after .

      Highly quality pearlescent mica pigment powders . For the use in resin or fluid paint work ( as seen in my workshops ) , great for that pearlescent shimmer shine in your art work .

       Highest grade mica pigment available Non-Toxic and Cruelty Free- (10-60 Microns), Titanium Dioxide

      Portion/ Mixing Guide varies on the amount of resin used 

      Our pigments are Non-Toxic, animal friendly, irritant free, and gentle on skin and can be used across multiple applications . All HOM pigments can be combined with any other HOM pigment. 

      For further info on our powder range including the different grades of powders please contact us today