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Hamerroo (QLD)-   


"My name is Nathan Quelch the owner and creator of Hammer roo , i've been nailing bits of wood together since i was old enough to hold a hammer , growing up around different makers/creators in my family trying many different styles of crafts finally decided woodwork was my niche . I started Hammer roo in august 2019 after finishing my first resin project , a small serving board from scraps i had laying around the workshop, since then i have completed many different projects including , coffee tables , serving boards, cheese boards side tables and many more custom jobs.I love incorporating resin in my works as it allows me to use timber that may otherwise been classed as scraps or waste! After trying many different resins, i came across the HOM river cast. Its by far the best and most consistent resin on the market today, the bubbles dispersion by far outmatches any deep casting resin in Australia IMO. 


Fibre glass and resin sales- (WESTERN AUS) colour only


POPS SHED (victoria) -  








Katerina Lim - abstract artist Sydney 


"nature is my biggest inspiration the love for colours , textures, movements and all different forms of nature has to offer . The seascapes , beaches and the ocean in particular are playing a big role in my latest abstract works as an inspiration , using the inks , alcohol inks acrylics and other fluid mediums . I love experimenting and exploring mixing different mediums together . Resin became a big part of my creative journey for the last 2 years. I started using resin as a clear finish coat for my alcohol and acrylic paintings but very quickly i started using pigments with my resin. After trying out a few different brands of resin im happy i came across healthofmindart resin, love its consistency and beautiful flawless finish"


Josh Marks - Hardwoodtides - also on instagram and facebook @hardwood_tides


" Ive tried and tested most resin brands on the australian market h, however none have impressed me more then those from healthofmindart, not only do they execute their intended purpose to perfection they are of incredibly high quality which means consistent results every time . Dayne has worked hard to build a brand and develop a product that truely out performs the competition . My art pieces demand high quality finish and attention to detail and since using health of mind resins it has helped to elevate them to another level"


Alex Wood - allresinwood - instagram @allresinwood



"Allresinwood is a small business that specialises in casting and embedding epoxy art. We love creating wall art, decorative serving platters and other small custom pieces such as table tops, bar tops etc.


What excites us the most about working with epoxy is there are so many different ways to bring out your artistic side. Every piece you create is an opportunity to make something unique and beautiful, and there is an element of surprise which we find addictive! For us, working with epoxy and timber is quite therapeutic, it is a great way to free your imagination and relax your mind. We find our best work comes from the least amount of planning. Lots of things can change throughout an epoxy project and sometimes you just have to go with the flow and let the timber and epoxy do the talking.


Why do we love Health Of Mind epoxy? Clear casting is the most difficult form of epoxy work to execute correctly. At Allresinwood, we want to create the best quality products on the market, and to do this you need to start with the best quality materials and work up from there. What I want to achieve is a faultless product that our customers will love and cherish for years to come.


We believe Health Of Mind products are by far the best on the market. Why? It has the best bubble release properties we have seen, the clarity at depth is exceptional with UV stabilisers meaning it won’t yellow like other epoxies. Health Of Mind epoxies have a high heat threshold compared to other epoxies and the bond from epoxy to timber is the strongest we have seen, which is very important to us. We want to know our products will withstand the test of time once our customers receive it."


Which epoxies do we use?


  • Castaway- I use this epoxy for my thin pours or when I am trying to achieve a certain effect with colours. I love the way the Castaway resin reacts by creating its own patterns with the pigments.


  • Rivercast resin – Now this product is a game changer. Have you used an epoxy where you can pour it, walk away and not have to worry about checking it every few hours? The time we save using Rivercast resin is exceptional. I use this epoxy for all forms of my work, from clear casting to working with pigments and dyes, all of my embedding work is created using this epoxy. The slow curing time gives the bubbles a chance to rise to the surface, leaving a crystal-clear finish.



Rob Murray - robsspinups instagram - @robs_spin_ups




Damien Walsh - salty duck woodworking - instagram @saltyduck75