UV Resin 50ML

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Healthofmindart epoxy systems are the most advanced on the Australian market , what seperates and gives us a point of difference to our competitors is that we have been makers and we understand what makers want , our products are 100% Australian made and we have the documents to back this up . Keeping manufacturing in Australia is extremely important to us not only because we have some of the most rigorous quality control in the world but we help keep our economy going . When you buy our formulas not only are you getting the highest possible quality as we are one of 2 actual Australian made products but you are helping grow our country and maintain its high quality manufacturing standards . 

Our UV resin is a fast curing resin that cures with UV exposure . UV resin belongs to a group of synthetic resins and they are very different to conventional epoxies to the way they are processed . Compared to normal  epoxy resin there are significant differences

- UV resin cures within minutes with the exposure to a  UV lamp or Torch

- It’s ready to pour without the need of a catalyst

- Its only poured in small thin layers .

Our UV resin is ideal for spot filling or any smaller cracks and crevices in timber because of its fast curing properties making it ideal to fill and continue working on. Any thin jewellery castings or coatings are also ideal .

UV resin can have issues if you aren’t careful with the following , holding your UV lamp or Torch aggressively and closely to the resin , this can cause the resin to overheat and cause tackiness . Depending on the strength of your UV source will determine curing times although generally speaking most will cure the resin within 2-5 minutes . 


once the resin is cured you can put a toothpick or something pointy into the resin to see if it’s hard enough to sand or machine . The resin will continue to harden post the 5 minutes of exposure to UV light . 

all pigment can be added to the UV resin . 

For safety it’s important to never shine a UV light directly onto a human or it’s skin . Keep all UV light on the resin at all times . UV resin can have stronger VOCs then epoxy when they cure so respiratory equipment  is recommended when using . Safety glasses are also recommended. 


UV resin is able to be sanded and polished . 

UV torch can be purchased in a kit with the resin along with safety glasses 

Our UV resin comes with a full data and safety guide .

TDS and SDS  are available on request 

sold in 60ML tubes