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Rampa M8 threaded insert

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M8 Insert 14mm Diameter x 18mm Long x 8M Internal Thread

RAMPA Inserts feature a sealing collar, hex drive, tilt protection and speed-up of assembly.  Optimal retaining function, works for widest range of substrates and has 100% control of all functional dimensions including internal machine thread. Patent awarded. Made in Germany.

These steel zinc plated inserts are machined. With three starting threads they sit straight in the hole (like a three legged stool) and therefore easily insert squarely.  Comparatively, most other insert brands are cast resulting in a more brittle insert and one thread that is very difficult to install squarely.

Use a 1/2" diameter drill for the pilot hole and an 8mm Allen key for insertion.

Compatible with RAMPA M8 Bolts.