PURE BOOSTER - RESIN ADDITIVE - 25ml - Health of Mind Art
PURE BOOSTER - RESIN ADDITIVE - 25ml - Health of Mind Art


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Our PURE BOOSTER  is a resin additive designed for our PURE GLASS epoxy formula. This simple DIY additive is specifically designed to go into our PURE GLASS  resin to give it a flawless HIGH GLOSS  mirror like finish. 

Adding this additive to what already is a brilliant formula will simply give you a drop dead flawless seal coat. We recommend using this resin additive in any projects that are being sealed with our PURE GLASS resin like Timber tables or bar tops, doming polymer clay and any other form of doming , artwork or any other work you may want to seal in clear epoxy for a ultra mirror like finish.

This formula has been designed for all of our woodworkers that are looking for that next level finish without imperfections .

Please note that this resin additive will take away any pigment dispersion in resin art meaning your lacing won’t be noticeable when adding this additive so if you are trying to achieve cells/lacing then we recommend not adding this resin additive however if this isn’t what you are trying to achieve with your artwork then this is a suitable additive for that ultimate glass finish and shine . Perfect for the following 

1ml of booster makes 200ml of pure glass therefore each 25ml bottle  makes 5 litres total of pure glass 

 - Doming 

- Sealing timber 

- Tumblers 

- Alcohol ink artworks being coated in epoxy 

- Art works being coated in epoxy 


PURE BOOSTER  comes in 25ml bottles of resin additive that will make 5L of PURE GLASS RESIN