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Healthofmind Ultimate sanding & polishing kit (NEW)

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This kit comes with our complete step by step online tutorial on how to cut and polish epoxy . This technique is how we teach and we have had a lot of time invested into this process and the products it requires . The kit comes with everything you need to bring your epoxy back to a glass like effect . With close to $400 of value for ONLY 287.95 in one bumper kit . All discs and pads are for 6inch backings , pads can be cut to suit smaller tools . 

- 3 of each cyclone 6inch discs . (80,120,180,240,320,400)

- 2 of each multi air ceramic soft touch discs ( 500,800,1000) 

- 2 of each speed grip ice foam discs (1500,2000) 

- 1 each of trizact discs (3000,5000,8000) 

- full set of Healthofmindart polishing creams ( step 1,2 and 3 ) 

- 1 red super high cut compound pad 

- 1 yellow compounding pad 

- 1 black finishing polishing pad 

- 1 microfibre towel . 

please note that in the online course the products are different however the process is the same .