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Fast away is a 2 part epoxy resin system designed for small volume fast cures . Fastaway is a supreme fast curing epoxy with excellent UV stability and air release . 

PLEASE DO NOT MEASURE WITH SCALES - it will cause the ratios to be out ultimately causing un cured epoxy . All measuring should be done by volume only in a mixing cup or utensil with measurements on the side 

This system is designed for jewellery makers , small mould volumed silicone moulds  , timber void fillers and any other smaller volumed epoxy users . 

fastaway gives users the ability to relayer within 2 hours without colour bleeding , larger volumes up to 10mm in thickness can be demoulded within hours of being poured . This product is a truely unique system providing amazing clarity for its cure time . With working time of 25-30 mins this product is a game changer for makers . 

- Fast relayer time 

- same day demould 

- sand the same day ( volume dependent) 

-crystal clear 

- extended pot life 

- crack filler in timber 

-UV stable 

-cured to 80-85D in just 24 hours 


Please be aware this product has a high exotherm meaning excessive amounts of epoxy can cause extreme heat . DO NOT LEAVE DEEP VOLUMES (above 10mm) OF EPOXY IN MIXING CUPS FOR PERIODS OF TIME . Do not exceed 10mm in thickness . Avoid working in conditions above 25 degrees ( volume dependent )

do not apply excessive amounts of external heat ie butane torch or heat mats .

For more info refer to sds and tds