Evolution 2k booster 100ml

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Product Description

Our Evolution Hardwax Oils can be applied with or without the special 2K Booster.  For smaller surfaces such as furniture, the Booster isn’t necessary. We only really recommend using the Booster for commercial use, i.e., in very high-traffic areas because it does increase hardness and durability. However, in most cases the Booster is not necessary because even without it, Evolution Hardwax Oils are extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting.

The 2K Booster is a cross linker that improves the chemical and physical resistance and reduces the drying time and pot life. It is solvent-free, weatherproof, with low viscosity and is suitable for all sheen levels of Evolution Hardwax Oil. It is intended mainly for professional use and anyone unfamiliar with 2K systems should please contact us for advice.