C Channels

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Our channels are a proper reinforced c channel, NOT an L bracket or something similar. These cheap alternatives will NOT provide stability . Using cheap steel or steel that has not been designed for timber movement can be a disaster waiting to happen, as movement in timber can potentially bend  cheap alternatives . This process can not be altered and it’s one of the most important processes you can pay attention to depending on the job and timber itself ( ask us for further info around this ) 

Prevent your tables from moving on you over time. 

The channel comes in lengths of  800, 900 ,1000,1100 and 1200 If you are require a size that does not match up to any of these you can easily cut them to length using a metal saw. 
The channel has been powder coated black to give a hard wearing finish. Follow the link below for installation.
Channels are 6mm thick steel  and 40mm wide and 20mm high