Limited edition black deluxe mould 430x330x70

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limited edition black deluxe mould 

 These are an Australian first manufactured re usable mould ,  These kits are one piece meaning no welds or joins , all moulds are un breakable and leak proof . Formed with  HMWHDPE for ultimate strength and release properties . Deluxe moulds are a one piece moulding system for epoxy resin , the mould is designed to secure your timber whilst curing and post curing releasing the epoxy . They are 6mm in thickness and so easy to de mould  . Details on our deluxe moulds will come with the set and need to read carefully for ultimate longevity . We hope you enjoy these easy to use cost effective re usable moulds , these moulds are 70mm deep and the size of the mould is in the title . All deluxe moulds come with clamping bars and blocks along with bolts and nuts .