Our new HDPE tap out moulds are manufactured to the highest quality for all your epoxy needs . Sick of Taping? No dramas at all our Moulds are fully reusable and simple to use , all you require is a rubber mallet for a couple of taps when cured and out pops your slab . Fully designed and tested  to go with our epoxy systems . Packages available upon request 


      Please note that the purpose of our moulds is to contain your epoxy , HDPE can come with light scuff marks none of which will have any impact on your overall job as the epoxy should be cut to size and machined post de moulding . Mould release is also advised for a more efficient release , all of our tap out moulds measure from the top of the mould and have a 5 degree taper from top to bottom to stop vacuuming  


      please note that all of our moulds are hdpe , we advise to do research with the epoxy you are using and it’s exothermic reaction as some epoxies may heat up and cause bowing with the plastic . We recommend deeper casting epoxies to avoid high exothermic reactions . external conditions like high ambient temps are also to be avoided as this can also cause the hdpe to bow . If by chance the HDPE does bow due to heat you can simply weigh it down to get it back into shape . 

      HDPE due to the manufacturing process can have some light surface scratches , in no way will this have any impact on the purpose of the moulds

      all moulds are generally 2-3 day dispatch