Super Chameleon Pigment/Flakes

      63 products

      63 products

      Super Chameleon colour shift pigments are incredible as they give off multiple colours in one piece. They are suitable in all types of resins, nail lacquers, automotive paints and much more. 

      These super chameleon pigment powders are super effective when brushed over any burl or timber edge giving an amazing effect . Super chameleon pigment powders are the highest grade of pigment available . they are a unique powder giving off multiple colours , we recommend using these powders over a dark black base first , using our pitch black paste with pure glass then brushing the powder on when at a sticky stage. These colours go a long way and really are show stopping pigments in all of your resin works.

      It’s extremely hard to capture the super chameleon pigment  colour shift in an image so please read the colour shift combinations given with each pigment . Very small amount goes a long long way . These are sold in 1 gram containers 


      1 gram flakes leave more of skin on your work enhancing the colour shift . These are available in 1 gram quantities