Resin translucent colour dyes 20ml

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      1 product

      Translucent colour dyes designed for see through type castings and are suitable in most casting resins however have been designed and tested against our own epoxy systems . Available in 17 different colours .

      These dyes are much more suitable then any ink like alcohol inks or acrylic inks as they are designed specifically for epoxy tinting making them a longer lasting pigment , they will hold there colour for much longer periods then any other translucent tint on the market . These are beautiful for slightly tinting epoxy but still being able to see through and seeing a natural edge perhaps

      Our suggestion on how to use 

      Start with a few drops depending on how much resin you are tinting , these dyes are highly pigmented so over use of the dyes can cause you to have an opaque effect . start small and build to your desired tint level . Sample pots are encouraged to get the desired tint right . 

      Each ink is sealed and comes with a pointed nossle for use