Pigment Pastes

      105 products

      105 products

      HOM ART Epoxy Pastes are highly concentrated colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin. These pigments oil based ( no ratio compensation required unlike epoxy based pastes ) and are mostly opaque but when applied in small amounts, can produce different degrees of transparency. Mix each jar before use. Jars are 50g by weight please note there may be subtle colour differences with some of our pastel colours due to batch variance . 

      Our Epoxy blended epoxy pastes are highly concentrated making them the ideal pigment for resin art work . The main differences between paste pigments and pearl pigments is there optical effects , pastes fully dissolve into epoxy being epoxy based giving artwork specifically a bolder look where as powders which are predominately used in river table pour or any larger volumed epoxy pour as when poured at larger depths you ill not be able to notice any difference due to the density of the pour , over thinner pours you will notice a powder doesn't fully dissolve into epoxy leaving a more granular effect. These  pastes will leave a more bold even colour as the carry carriers to provide an even colour throughout making them ideal for all casting jobs . We welcome new colours and will always try provide colours for customers based on there needs . 

      shelf life  - opened 6-12 months ( conditions dependent ) 

      unopened -12 months