Our 100% Australian made detachable round moulds are now available in 4 sizes, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm round . All moulds are fully detachable and 100% re usable . All moulds come with detailed instructions on how to use and maintain. These moulds are a game changer so say goodbye to that tape and form work. All moulds are fully round which makes for a perfect circle when de moulded. For further questions please contact us today. Made form HDPE material.


      Please note that the purpose of our moulds is to contain your epoxy , HDPE can come with light scuff marks none of which will have any impact on your overall job as the epoxy should be cut to size and machined post de moulding . Mould release is also advised for a more efficient release . Silicone is required for all gaps in these moulds including the joining of the inner ring

       please note that all of our moulds are hdpe , we advise to do research with the epoxy you are using and it’s exothermic reaction as some epoxies may heat up and cause bowing with the plastic . We recommend deeper casting epoxies to avoid high exothermic reactions . external conditions like high ambient temps are also to be avoided as this can also cause the hdpe to bow . If by chance the HDPE does bow due to heat you can simply weigh it down to get it back into shape . 


      Please allow 2-4 days for dispatch .