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      we are bringing the savings to YOU , the manufacturing process of these moulds requires us to front all the costs for tooling and MOQs meaning our parts ( moulds )  become cheaper  . These savings are passed onto you meaning we can bring you a 10 times better re usable mould for a fraction of the cost of most other moulds out there today . This is a huge win for YOU and we are excited because of this . Plastic moulds can be expensive and with welded moulds like everyone other company sells and we still sell comes the risk of them breaking and leaking , let’s face it at some stage they WILL break . Not a deluxe mould they are one piece meaning they can’t break or leak . 

      The need for tap out moulds is no longer , they can break, they can leak and they will no way last as long and that is why we are introducing our newest quality assured deluxe mould kits . These are an Australian first manufactured re usable mould ,  These kits are one piece meaning no welds or joins , all moulds are un breakable and leak proof . Formed with  HMWHDPE for ultimate strength and release properties . Our moulds come with a 1 year warranty details of the warranty will be specified in the warranty card . Deluxe moulds are a one piece moulding system for epoxy resin , the mould is designed to secure your timber whilst curing and post curing releasing the epoxy . They are 6mm in thickness and are available in 3 sizes . Details on our deluxe moulds will come with the set and need to read carefully for ultimate longevity . We hope you enjoy these easy to use cost effective re usable moulds , these moulds are 70mm deep and the size of the mould is in the title . 

      due to the nature of storage and freight these moulds can slightly deform however with your clamping bars and blocks when your mould arrives you can clamp the mould flat and it will re shape itself within 24 hours , this is quite common with most plastics . As mentioned information cards will come with our mould systems , please note the internal dimensions are from the taper down .  

      Our moulds are available for wholesale through our distributors .