Our sanding a polishing techniques are extremely diligent and aesthetically pleasing we have worked on bringing you all of the products involved in our finishing touches. Our 5 step sanding a polishing process is a method that has been tinkered with for many years now . We have been through a number of different abrasives and polish compounds and pads  and have settled on a few different brands . We stock and sell everything we use to polish our epoxies , resin can be extremely glossy when polished and sanded the right way . Our timber and resin workshops run through our sanding and polishing methods . All of these products are high end products designed for high end finishes . Our epoxies as mentioned will polish up like no other and we are pleased to bring you 3m and SIA abrasives to get the job done . All discs can be bought in our ultimate sanding kit or separately . For all methods our online workshops can be useful and our in store timber and resin workshop runs through our process .