Our point of difference

The epoxy industry is complex and many ask the same question what makes us different to our competitors. The answer for us is simple … Care and knowledge . 

Our owner Dayne is a driven passionate person and when it comes to epoxy he loves to learn. Dayne is studying chemistry at Uni whilst running the Business and working with our chemist Daily . 

Our products are specifically designed for all projects many are now doing . We are one of 2 genuine Australian made products . We want to reiterate that this is super important to us and it’s fact that a lot of products that say they are Aussie made are in actual fact not . Some may believe that all epoxies are the same . Every formula has a chemist and every chemist will differ in knowledge and skill . Many users are unaware of the key things that should be taken into consideration when selections an epoxy resin . UV stability is the most important in our opinion , with the amount of clear work people are finding themselves doing this is just a must have non negotiable . The longevity of an epoxy is determined by the stabilisers and absorbers in the formula many have only one , ours contain both ! UV inhibitors come at a significant cost and are generally reflected in a retail price . Some key things to look for in a formula . Look at the colour of the part A , if you epoxy has a slight blue tinge to it then it’s most likely a cheaper epoxy resin that has been filled with optical brighteners to trick the buyers eyes into thinking it’s clear , these brighteners are quite effective as they will make your eyes think the formula is clear however it’s a sure sign of bad raw materials . The other is End price , like any product on a shelf there will always be price differences and it’s usually for a reason . Everyone lives within there own means and that’s fine however there is always a reason why something is less expensive then others so always ask this question . Post curing is the other way of knowing how good a formula is . When testing and comparing  epoxies please ensure the following . Epoxies have been cured for the exact amount of time . Please ensure that the epoxy is FULLY cured (14 days ) this will ensure all inhibitors are entrenched in the formula stopping oxidation . Un cured epoxy can discolour within minutes due to the aromatic rings in amines . The other thing to be wary of is when casting epoxies cure there will always be some level of moisture in the air which can cause a carbonyl response on the surface which can oxidise quickly causing external yellowing . All samples should be cut or sanded on the surface to reflect true colour of the epoxy . 

The other key to a great formula in our opinion is Air release . Our formulas are renowned for excellent bubble release making them the clearest on the market . There are factors like mixing speed and curing conditions that can effect this and that’s when questions of your supplier should be asked however a great epoxy resin will not require vacuum chambers . The only reason a chamber should ever be used is with wood turners . Using a vacuum for a river table pour is completely un necessary with a quality product . Our epoxies will release air without the use of a chamber . We look at this like if we went to a great steakhouse and asked for sauce 😅 . Leaving the epoxy in a bucket to release air is also another myth , air will release out of the formula over a larger surface area meaning in a bucket it will take much longer and there is no benefit of leaving in a mixing container for time before pouring . Clarity is secondary to UV stability though as there is no point in having a clear epoxy with no longevity . Pigments will hide discolouring however they will not stop it . Colours can fade or change during oxidation , for example a blue table can turn green over time as blue and yellow ( discoloured epoxy) makes green . 

Our staff are trained with technical information giving them the ability to help where they can , if they can’t then someone always can . Dayne is always giving of his time and will help his customers whenever he can . The support with epoxy is critical as it can often be the difference between good and GREAT work . If you speak with us and then speak with a competitor we are confident you will be happy with our communication and knowledge . This is always our point of difference and we strive to give you all the information you seek . We also offer in store testing . We are so confident that our products are the best on the market today that we will test and prove against any product you may have that you want a comparison on . This is all free of charge and is designed to give you piece of mind and for us to … well … put our money where our mouth is. 

We are a proud small Australian business that wants to bring Australian made products to other proud  Aussies . We have always been a big advocate for the benefits in supporting Aussie made and believe us by supporting Australian made products you are making a difference in our growth as a country , this should not be forgotten when making a purchase . 

as always if there is further questions please contact us via email or phone or visit us in store .