Transparent dichroic adhesive film yellow / purple / blue

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sold in 3 sized sheets 

Rainbow film is also called rainbow film, chameleon film.
 The main raw material include PMMA, PET, PBT. The earliest of the product development and production are by the U.S. companies. During the late 1980s,Taiwan had introduced the product technology and began to promote the mainland.Till years of 2005, rainbow film products are starting to produce in the domestic.


The flexible, transparent Rainbow film is less the 20 micron, but contains more than 120 layers of two or more different polymers.
These layers separate into the colors of the spectrum. When light is reflected from the film.


please not when applying to resin or surface please make sure the film is stuck on carefully to avoid crinkles . It can also be placed down with the backing on . For best results put over a coloured base .