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HEALTH OF MIND RIVER CAST is a clear casting epoxy system designed for deep casting applications, including river tables, casting, and embedding. RIVER CAST is a low viscosity, low exotherm epoxy with superior air release and minimal shrinkage. Colour: Clear liquid Pot life: ~3 hours
Cured time: 48 – 72 hours (volume and temperature dependent)
Cure to maximum strength: 7 days Mixed viscosity:
Shore D hardness ((at 20 oC): 80-85 Colour Stability: Low yellowing (will darken on UV exposure)

Cover working area with cardboard or plastic. The surface to be coated should be dry and free of contaminants. For best results, apply at temperatures between 20 and 25oC and at below 70% humidity. Air bubbles may form on the surface. Air bubble release is greatly enhanced by use of a heat gun or gas torch. Care should be taken to avoid over heating in one spot – sweep the heat gun continuously across the surface for a few seconds. The mixed product should be cured in a warm, dust free area, and should be covered with a box.

Once material has cured, it can be sanded or mechanically processed as required.

The resin can be tinted with HEALTH OF MIND pigments to achieve a vibrant finish.



The cure speed of this product depends greatly upon the volume of product mixed. This product is specifically designed for large volume mixes. Thin casts or applications as a coating will exhibit a longer cure time.


12mths @ 25oC unopened


This is a slow speed casting system specifically designed for a low exotherm for deep pours (50-100mm thick in a single pour) conditions dependant 


Refer to material safety data sheet. Avoid skin contact. Mix and apply with adequate fresh ventilation.

HOM RIVER CAST benefits:

 Excellent UV Stability
– Low Odour & VOC

– Low Exotherm
– Hard Curing with Glossy Finish
– Slow Curing system with long pot life
– High Temperature Resistance

LARGER QUANTITIES CAN BE ORDERED JUST EMAIL US AT info@healthofmindart.com or send us a message on instagram


 (M)SDS & TDS available on request. Please email:

info@healthofmindart.com for a copy.