QLD Timber and resin workshop - Health of Mind Art
QLD Timber and resin workshop ( Saturday and Sunday )

QLD Timber and resin workshop ( Saturday and Sunday )

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Our Timber and resin workshop is going to Queensland , meet and learn from Dayne himself , Dayne has spent countless hours on his range of epoxies and there isn’t any other person when it comes to HOM systems that you would want to be learning from . These workshops are an amazing opportunity to learn the right ways to use epoxy . There is lots of tips and tricks to getting the results we get and we will teach you all of these . In  combination with our stockist Hammerroo we will be running these 2 workshops over 2 days from 10am onwards . Usually our workshop runs for 5-6 hours and we provide light refreshments on the day. As spots are extremely limited for this workshop as we want it to be as hands on as possible so don’t wait . All HOM (healthofmind) systems and products will be available on the day also . 
TIME : 10am 

VENUE: Loganholme QLD 4129 Exact location TBC 

below is our Melbourne description for your reference 

Our timber and resin workshop is a jam packed 4-5 hour workshop that will guide you through a practical step by step process on creating your very own epoxy serving board or wall art .Unlike any other workshop our workshop is very information based as we try give you the best possible knowledge on all of our products and the production of them as Dayne has been heavily involved in this process. Our workshop will give you a broader knowledge and understanding on the different epoxy formulas we distribute and each of there purposes and where you would use them . You will gain an understanding on some basic chemistry when working with epoxies as well as the potential dangers . We will guide you through each step when wanting to create a piece using timber and epoxy , below is some of the things you will learn during the workshop 













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Our workshop will see each guest create there very  own serving board or wall art roughly 400x300 with there own colour and style choice . As resin takes 3-4 days to cure our workshop will see you finish your boards at home only requiring a sander and some oil for finishing . Every step will be demonstrated and you will each have a go in the workshop on a couple of already cured pieces so you know EXACTLY what to do when you get your cured piece from us that is ready to finish . Resin is such a fun and exciting hobby that can lead to all sorts of opportunities , this workshop is suitable for all ages from 16 onwards , the purpose of our workshop is to give you the vital information and skills to be able to create larger pieces in the future , it is also very important to us that we provide you with the right information when working with epoxy as this is critical and equally if not more important then the actual pouring of resin itself , things can go horribly wrong if you do not have the right information and if you aren't using a quality product , we are extremely passionate about epoxies and we love helping people turn there visions into reality but also broadening your knowledge and skills . If this workshop seems like a good fit for you then secure a spot today