Pure Glass Resin 2L Kit

Pure Glass Resin 2L Kit

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HOM PURE GLASS is a 2-part Epoxy Resin system. All our Epoxy Resin kits come including both Part A and Part B. PURE GLASS is an easy 1:1 ratio by volume.

PURE GLASS has a low viscosity. It has excellent movement and flow when poured and allows for good blending of colours. It has very few bubbles and will disperse when poured or with any heat.

With a long working time of 60 minutes and its excellent UV stabilisers this is a great system for creating artworks, cheeseboards/ serving boards, MDF/ tile coasters, or as a glossy clear coat over other art work like alcohol ink paintings and other art created on an ART BOARD, it can also be used as a final coat over tables that you are wanting a glass like finish.

Its  a self-levelling resin system that has been designed purely for flat surface coating (no more than 2-3mm per layer)  and provides a beautiful glass-like finish when mixed, poured and cured.It can withstand up to 80 degrees celsius ( any resin you should use coasters though) once cured

It is  very versatile in accepting a wide range of colour pigments and powders. However, use the pigments that we have available for the best results.

HOM PURE GLASS benefits:






Container quantities larger than 10 Litres available upon request. (M) SDS also available on request. Please email: info@healthofmindart.com for a copy.

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