HOMART X LMLY limited edition 2021 beanies

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For the last 12 months healthofmindart have supported the Lovemeloveyou foundation . We have teamed up to bring you a limited edition NEVER ALONE and I AM ENOUGH beanie . The LMLY foundation have been doing great things with Mental health education and running all sorts of programs within the community for years now . We are super excited to bring you this beanie with them that helps promote and support mental health across Australia . By purchasing a beanie you are helping support the foundation and promote 2 very important messages that both organisations think are very relevant. The beanies themselves represent very important messages . NEVER ALONE , you never walk any journey alone , you always have people willing to help and you need to ask for this , I AM ENOUGH , be happy with who you are and realise that you don’t have to please anyone you just have to be happy and comfortable with yourself . We feel these are important messages and couldn’t be happier to support the foundation . PLEASE NOTE BEANIES ARE ABOUT 6/7 WEEKS AWAY . They are a pre order item as they are limited in numbers . So get in quick .