Dichrolam Black Sea burl

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This is the original Dichrolam line of laminates that made the Material ConneXion library's top ten list back in 2000 (Black Sea). These laminates are random, three dimensional textured patterns that look like a cross between Carpathian Elm Burl and Australian Black Opal. During patterning, color combinations are revealed that previously did not exist in the core film. And, unlike vapor deposition dichroic glass, they are streaked with veins of complementary color. Between the veins are what we call the "coral heads" which makeup the literal topography, containing the furrows of contrasting color that took John years to pattern and control.

Although the Burls appear metallic, they have no metal in them at all. The reflectivity comes from the dichroic nature of the core film in which light wavelengths that are in phase with the tuned "stack" pass through and the wavelengths that are out of phase reflect back like polished metal.

By themselves, the patterned films are amazing, but when laminated they "wet out" with the resin the way a finish makes grain jump out in wood, while creating a depth magnifier that gives the lens effect of mile deep texture.

Applications range from five figure guitar faces to interior trim banding all the way to heavy glass like bar tops and the seventeen foot conference table for MTV. Originally only made in glass, these exotic laminates are also made in laserable acrylic and thin ARPET as well as rigid luthier grade inlay stock by Tom Schotland and Chuck Erikson of Duke of Pearl for top guitar companies like Fender CS, Martin, Taylor, PRS and Jens Ritter to name a few