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Ever wanted to start a small business or just have a fun little hobby? 

Welcome to our epoxy resin casting workshop, in this workshop we take a look at one of our most popular epoxy resins, 'castaway' resin. There is a lot involved when working with casting epoxy, the exothermic reactions involved with faster curing resins can make them difficult epoxies to work with, we have a number of tips and tricks to help you reduce the risk of common mistakes related to overheating, this workshop will further your knowledge related to epoxy which will intern help you with your art work. Our castaway resin is predominately use for casting smaller objects in epoxy, if you have any interest in learning how to make the following then this workshop is for you 

 - Coaster casting and making, create your very own coasters using any objects that we provide or you can bring something that may be sentimental to you that you would like to preserve into epoxy casting resin 

- Jewellery casting and making, utilise our jewellery making moulds and create your very own jewellery 

- Mould casting, we offer a range of different moulds in different shapes and sizes, learn how to use and get the best tips for optimal results 

- Preserving objects of importance, have an item you can think of that may look good cast in some decorative epoxy resin? We are offering for you to bring anything of importance that you may want preserved to be bought in with you and we can help you create something magic with it, we just ask that prior to the workshop you let us know what it is so we can help plan for it.  

- Epoxy knowledge, there is lots of things involved with using epoxy, we believe that the most important thing when working with epoxy is knowing the product inside and out as every formula is different, this can ultimately define the end result, anyone can use epoxy but not everyone can use it well and we will give you all the relevant knowledge that you need to know when trying to make something perfect. We talk to you about the physical make up of our formulas and the key differences they offer from others. You will walk away having learnt something vital for your future pours  

In this 2–3-hour workshop you will create your very own pieces of your choice that you will be able to collect once they have fully cured, we will offer a range of different things that you can create or as like we said you can bring some sentimental items of your own and we will help you create something special with these. You will also take home a $15 dollar voucher to spend on any potential purchases on your new hobby 

Our workshops have a very strong mental health theme to them, Dayne shares his inspiring story in depth and how working with epoxy really saved him. We have an open discussion about some of the issues around mental health and addiction that can be highly beneficial, Dayne is not a therapist but he has a heap of life experience in this area and really loves helping people get through the challenging times in their lives. He has an open-door policy at HOMART and always encourages connection and welcomes everyone. 

These epoxy resin casting workshops are limited to 15 years and over. 

Drinks are served on the night 

Please wear old clothes. Epoxy Resin Casting Workshops are messy,

Once you have booked in you will receive an email 5-7 days out from the workshop.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Any further questions just contact us through our website.