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Cast away casting resin is a 2- part Epoxy Resin Casting System. All our Epoxy Resin kits come including both Part A and Part B.  Cast away  is a simple 2:1 ratio by volume. Australian manufactured and supplied.

 low viscosity and excellent bubble dispersion. Once mixed and poured bubbles with begin to disperse on their own however can be aided with heat (i.e. butane torch).

With a working time of 55-60 minutes (based on 150ml @ 22 degrees Celsius) this is the perfect system for filling timber crevices, creating river tables, embedding, and general mould castings.Cast away can be poured between 5-20mm thick per layer 

Cast away  is a self-levelling resin system that has been designed for clear, pours with high strength. With a high temperature resistance of up to 110 degrees (Celsius) once cured and post cured (5-8 days), its designed  for casting in moulds as it has a quick curing time , anything deeper then 20mm then go for the river cast resin

Versatile with different branded colourants however for best results Health of mind pigments are the way to go

Container quantities larger than 15 Litres available upon request.

(M) SDS also available on request. Please email: for a copy.