blackheart sassafras hydrowood set 3

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What is Hydrowood and what makes it so special? In 1987 the Pieman River power scheme was completed involving the construction of a new dam and the associated creation of Lake Pieman.  In doing so a vast amount of Tasmanian special species trees were submerged under Lake Pieman. For almost 30 years the trees remained untouched at the bottom of the lake until a resourceful and innovative forest company commenced work on how to extract this highly valuable specialty timber from the lake floor. The new venture was named Hydrowood. After years of planning and testing, Hydrowood perfected their process and have been harvesting special species timber from the lake ever since. These timbers are like nothing you have ever seen, having being submerged for so long they’ve taken on their own unique colouring and patterns. This isn’t just Tasmanian specialty timbers, this is timber with a story. Imagine being able to tell some one the dining table they’re sitting at, the coffee table in the living room or whatever project you choose to use this timber for has been underwater for over 30 years!

Sassafras is an under-storey evergreen tree, growing extremely well in the cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania and reaches heights of around 25 metres. Sassafras has the most variable and dynamic colouring, the most spectacular being the Blackheart Sassafras. The blackheart occurs in some, produced by a fungus, which usually affects the tree after some crown damage resulting from storms or adjacent falling trees. Sassafras is particularly good as a veneer or as a solid timber, with knots providing another striking feature. Sassafras is highly valued in the furniture making industry for its ease of working and versatility, and is regarded by many as an intermediate between softwood and hardwood.