Affiliate / Ambassadors

Healthofmindart are a premium resin company supplying high end certified Australian made products . We love passionate creators that are super keen for new experiences and relationships. We love creators with a big social media presence showcasing there work and passion , this is a must of becoming an affiliate of ours . Some epoxy pages , forums are also encou . To become a healthofmind affiliate send us a brief description about yourself and the work you do , send any social media handles aswell as any website information. If this sounds like you and you think you would fit in well with our range then hit us up we love hearing from new creators with passion . 

our affiliate program is a no strings attached arrangement , we don’t believe in contracts as they are not worth the paper they are written on anyway , the way our program works is you will revived your very own % code for any product as well as bonuses . I’m exchange we ask you firstly be proud and enjoy the fact you are using the only official Australian made product in Australia and secondly mention us whenever you like in your work . 

emails can be sent to or messages can be sent to us via social media channels