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 all our epoxies will arrive with a data guide . We recommend reading and creating a checklist before your pours . 

is a clear casting epoxy deep cast resin system designed for deep casting applications, including river tables, casting, and embedding. RIVER CAST is a low viscosity, low exotherm epoxy deep cast resin with superior air release and minimal shrinkage. 

River Cast has been deisinged to be the most user friendly deep cast resin on the market.

Colour: Clear liquid Pot life: ~3 hours
Cured time: 48 – 72 hours (volume and temperature dependent)
Cure to maximum strength: 7 days


Resin Use: Deep Cast Resin

Mixed viscosity: Low Viscosity (Water like)

Shore D hardness (at 20 Degrees C): 80-85

Colour Stability: Low yellowing (will darken on UV exposure)


Usage Advice:

Cover working area with cardboard or plastic. The surface to be coated should be dry and free of contaminants.

For best results, pour at temperatures between 19-20 Degrees C and below 70% humidity. Like most deep cast resins. Air bubbles may form on the surface. Air bubble release is greatly enhanced by use of a heat gun or gas torch.

Care should be taken to avoid over heating in one spot – sweep the heat gun continuously across the surface for a few seconds. The mixed product should be cured in a warm, dust free area, and should be covered with a box

Please Note: Deep Cast Resins are environment dependant. Temperature is critical and therefore environment control is highly recommended. For optimal results, do not pour large volumes outside of the recommended temperature and humidity ranges. If you can not pour under idea conditions, smaller layered pours are recommended.

Once material has cured, it can be sanded or mechanically processed as required.

This deep cast resin can be tinted with HEALTH OF MIND pigments to achieve a vibrant finish.

Mixing Volume

The cure speed of this product depends greatly upon the volume of product mixed. This product is specifically designed for large volume mixes. Thin casts or applications as a coating will exhibit a longer cure time.

Shelf Life

12mths @ 25 degrees C unopened

Max Depth Per Pour

This deep cast resin is a slow speed casting system specifically designed for a low exotherm for deep pours (50-100mm thick in a single pour) however pours from 10-100mm are possible conditions dependant , curing times based on overall volumes and conditions will fluctuate 

  (M)SDS & TDS available on request. Please emailinfo@healthofmindart.com for a copy.