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HEALTH OF MIND – CAST AWAY is a 2-part epoxy casting resin system. It is designed as an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio by volume. HOM CAST AWAY is suitable for artwork and thin casting resin applications. HOM CAST AWAY has a medium cure speed allowing for quick physical property development and de-moulding. HOM CAST AWAY exhibits a low viscosity giving excellent air release.

This casting resin has been extensively tested and designed to meet the needs of casting applications up to 20mm.


Cover working area with cardboard or plastic. HOM CAST AWAY can be poured into moulds made from plastic, silicone, or timber coated with a suitable tape or mould release agent.

For best results, apply at temperatures between 15 and 25ºC and at below 85% humidity. Air bubbles introduced during mixing will typically dissipate during cure. If required, a heat gun or butane torch can assist in the removal of bubbles.

Care should be taken to avoid over heating the casting resin in one spot – sweep the heat gun continuously across the surface for a few seconds. The mixed product should be cured in a dust free area, and should be covered during cure.


Avoid working in conditions that could cause condensation to form on the uncured coating, and give rise to amine surface “bloom” or “blush”.

Do not thin this product.

Do not change the mixing ratio.

If casting exceeds 20mm there is the potential for excess heat to develop, giving rise to shrinkage and discolouration.

It is recommended that you use Health of Mind Art Resin pigments, powders and inks with this casting resin.

This product is designed for thin casting resin applications. For applications exceeding 20mm , it is recommended that HOM RIVER CAST be used instead.

Casting resin container quantities larger than 15 Litres available upon request.

(M) SDS also available on request. Please email: for a copy.