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      Epoxy Resin is widely becoming super popular and for me I wanted to design some formulas that are specific to the work I’m doing and you love doing . There is a lot of different epoxies on the market these days and basically you pay for what you get , the difference between good epoxy and bad epoxy is long term and what your specific piece you create for a yourself or a customer will look like years down the track . It’s not simply one is more expensive then the other , there are lots of things that go into making a quality resin that separates you from the rest . Anti Yellowing properties are probably the number one thing you should ask about when buying a resin. ALL epoxies will discolour over time , some will discolour very quickly mainly being the cheaper resins on the market because simply they are not designed to be poured into furniture or boards even though they can be they aren’t designed to have strong UV protectors because there usual application is in construction where this is not important therefor when formulated this isn’t factored in . You do not want someone coming to you in a few years time asking why there piece doesn’t look the way it did when they purchased it , so be careful when looking just looking at a price tag . As my old man use to say you pay for what you get . All of my formulas are manufactured here in Victoria and are high end Raw materials for the best possible finish now and in many years to come . I offer 3 formulas they all have there place so please read the product descriptions carefully . 

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      15 products