Health of Mind Art sells a number of different styles of epoxy resin to meet the different needs of our customers. Our epoxies have been specifically formulated and manufactured to meet the high demand for timber and resin . We are extremely proud of our products and the high end raw materials that go into them . Our aim with our formulas is to provide longevity and clarity . We have market leading processes that provide our epoxies with the best possible chance of staying crystal clear not only for the now but more importantly long into the future and this is the absolute KEY when choosing which epoxy is the right epoxy for you . 

      All of our epoxy resins are Australian Made. Health of Mind Art is the only company to be certified as Australian made as per the green and gold logo.

      Our goal is to offer the highest quality product possible. Epoxy resins can be incredibly harmful to your health if not used properly or made from inferior raw materials. It is our mission to offer the safest product possible.

      To get the best advice for you needs and what we have on offer. We encourage you to stop by our store in Bayswater, VIC or Call/Email us.

      Our Resin Systems

      PURE GLASS - This cell forming art resin is the perfect epoxy resin system for those wanting to try resin art or looking to seal or flood coat timber. As the name suggests it leaves a glass like, high shine finish. This coating resin has a slightly extended work time then most and that is to ensure brilliant bubble dispersion . For those sealing timber or art work we strongly suggest grabbing our pure booster which is our coating additive for an absolute flawless finish . The booster is an agent that is designed for coatings ONLY , if added when trying to achieve pigment dispersion ( cells ) then you will not achieve your desired result . 

      CAST AWAY RESIN - This shallow casting epoxy resin is designed to cast things to a maximum depth of 20mm. Ideal uses are for resin art that involves mould or filling voids in timber. This resin is formulated for use with colourants as it is better from a price point as it’s UV stability isn’t as strong . 

      CAST AWAY ULTRA CLEAR - This premium version of our cast away resin is designed to cure crystal clear. It is recommended that this resin is cast between 10-25mm in the depth depending on volume and conditions. Our ultra clear has an extended pot life and cure time then most shallow casting resins to ensure optical clarity . Super fast curing epoxies may be good for those impatient people but please know you should be waiting that little bit longer as you can not achieve the same results with faster curing epoxies . Epoxy hates heat so why give it to it just because you want it to cure fast . Longevity is crucial in this niech woodworking market . 

      RIVER CAST - Our first ever formula and our premium deep casting epoxy . This formula is renowned for its amazing clarity , there isn’t a product on the market that gets close so when deciding on your epoxy for that clear pour look no further . Your moneys worth with this epoxy in particular is it’s bubble dispersion and UV stability . With high end raw materials and extra UV protection this product really is the product for all your charcuterie boards and river tables and other deep pours . Can be used from 10mm-100mm volume and conditions dependant . All healthofmindart tinting systems are recommended . 

      RIVER CAST ULTRA SLOW - This slower curing version of our River Cast has been designed for those in warmer climates. Deep pours are very temperature dependant and in warmer climates the slower a resin cures the less it will heat up. With an extra 12hours to cure this resin is ideal for those in warmer climates.



      15 products

      15 products